OPPO UDP BDP CXUHD Jailbreak Firmware Features
OPPO UDP BDP CXUHD Jailbreak Firmware Features

Supported models & available firmware versions

OPPO UDP-203 / UDP-205
OPPO BDP-103(+D) / BDP-105(+D)
Cambridge Audio CXUHD
UDP20X-65-0131 / BDP10X-83-1226 / CXUHD-66-0614

Why we’re better than the rest?

  • Easy USB installation method: Possible for all UDP & CXUHD models with original firmware installed

  • USB-TTL installation method: Possible for all BDP & UDP & CXUHD models

  • All future firmware updates are free

  • Detailed step-by-step guides in English, easy to follow and understand

  • Works with any player model and firmware version worldwide

  • No need of a hardware dongle (USB-stick) connected to the player all the time

  • Premium support found nowhere else: Free Skype support for installation if needed

  • 100% money-back-guarantee*: in case the jailbreak should not work

  • Dozens of real, happy costumers: Read what they have to say about us @Trustpilot

*Money-back guarantee: Is only valid if a personal Skype-session with the costumer proofs, that the jailbreak is not working.

  1. Select your player model below, then click on the yellow "Buy Now" button and finish payment

  2. Fill out the form below with your Name, E-Mail, Paypal E-Mail, Ethernet MAC address and player model

  3. You will receive your firmware + detailed instructions via E-Mail within 24 hours upon purchase

  4. If you don't receive an E-Mail within 24 hours please check your spam/junk mail folder!

ATTENTION: Please read our FAQ before you buy, refunds are not possible if you don't understand how to install our firmware!
Please also check out the VIDEO-TUTORIALS below!

How to BUY?

Video tutorials and contact

Any questions? Read our FAQ first, then let us help you!

USB-TTL installation method (OLD)
Needed for all BDP models, for UDP/CXUHD models only needed
in case of a 3rd party custom firmware has already been installed

Easy-USB installation method (NEW)
Works for all UDP and CXUHD models
with original firmware installed